The BBK brand has about half a century of impressive history in producing skincare products.


The company was founded in 1981 and started manufacturing Brightening and anti-spot products.
BBK obtained international certifications in various fields such as packaging quality, product variety, and advanced production line.


In 2000, BBK was honored at the International Conference on Quality and Commercial Prestige in New York.


Now BBK is manufacturing in Dokarjabiz Factory as a subset of Arvin-Melal-Zarin Holding, which Owns FMCG companies such as Paknam, Gorji, Chin Chin and Ilika.

Our Mission

Producing efficient and affordable products, consistent with consumer expectations and needs, by a professional team, using experience and the best equipment.

Our Vision

    • Becoming the 3rd best skincare brand in Iran and the 5th best brand in the Middle East
    • Improving the quality of Iranian women’s life.